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Whatever type of judgment or commercial debt, collection claim, foreign judgment or accounts receivable claims you may have, Broward County Collections Attorney Holiday Russell  is ready to work for you. Collection practices are available through-out Florida and Mr. Russell oversees collections campaigns from the initial demand letter and asset investigations, through enforcement of judgments as well as domestication of foreign judgments.

Collecting commercial or retail debts often requires more than a phone call or a strongly worded letter. Debtors can be extremely creative and persistent in their efforts to avoid their obligations, often concealing assets, avoiding service of legal documents and throwing up roadblocks. That is why lenders and small business owners pursuing the payments they are owed should have a lawyer who is equally committed and creative on their side. At Holiday Hunt Russell PLLC in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll receive big firm experience with the personal care of individual service with extensive experience representing financial institutions, contractors, landlords and other creditors in every type of collection matter. With a track record of successfully realizing recoveries on delinquent accounts of all sizes, we can be counted on to maximize the likelihood of a favorable result.

Effective collection requires knowledge of bankruptcy law, the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act. It is also critical to have a practical understanding of the methods that work best to help businesses recover what they are owed.

South Florida Collections Attorney, Holiday Russell has developed a strong track record handling matters that involve the collection of:

  • Florida and out-of-state judgments
  • Accounts receivable
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Promissory notes
  • Personal guarantees
  • Credit applications
  • Bad checks
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Delinquent condominium association fees

Holiday has a clear understanding of the methods that work best to help businesses recover what they are owed. Whether you have one delinquent customer or a large portfolio of outstanding receivables, Mr. Russell takes a strategic and cost-effective approach to collections. Holiday understands that every day that goes by and every dollar that goes to attorneys’ fees affect your bottom line. That is why he maximizes efficiencies in his efforts, whether in negotiations while litigating against debtors.

Creditors who have not been paid can initiate proceedings to garnish a debtor’s wages or bank accounts under Florida law. Holiday Russell will explain what must be established in order to secure a Writ of Garnishment. Some clients opt for this process because court authorization can be obtained and funds can be recovered without alerting the person or company that owes you. Regardless of the type of debt involved, our firm prepares the necessary support for such relief and advocates for you in court if the target seeks to remove the garnishment.

His expertise involve every tool possible to use to enforce the rights of creditors. Mr. Russell litigates debt collection actions in civil courts as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings. If you are working on a building or repair contract and are looking to file a mechanic’s lien or bond claim, he’ll advise you of the relevant deadlines and procedures. As trusted counsel for general contractors, subcontractors, businesses that provide materials and other clients within the construction industry, Holiday is well versed in the best ways to achieve a prompt, successful resolution in these matters. Holiday Russell also provides vigorous defense against any debtor counterclaims in such actions.

Supporting You To Improve Your Collections Efforts

Mr. Russell delivers effective assistance to South Florida clients looking to collect on outstanding invoices, receivables and delinquent accounts. To make an appointment for a free consultation about your collections issue, please contact Holiday at 954.920.5153 or online for a free initial consultation.

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