Family Law

Family Law

Families are the building blocks in our communities and one of our most fundamental institutions. The laws that govern family and marriage are designed to support these relationships and ensure fair resolution of any issues or disputes that may arise. Broward County family law attorney Holiday Russell is certified by The Florida Bar Board and has over three decades of experience working with families throughout South Florida to successfully address their legal concerns. At Holiday Hunt Russell PLLC you will receive the in-depth experience you need to face these life challenges inside and outside of the courtroom.

Florida Family Law involves the practice of dealing with all legal problems that might arise from the family relationships of spouses, as Ill as parents and children. It is governed by a complex set of statutory and procedural laws that aim to effectively resolve disputes that may arise, while also protecting the rights and interests of family members, and the institution of the family as a whole. Family law governs many different scenarios, and at Holiday Hunt Russell PLLC you will receive representation to clients in a wide variety of family law matters.

As an experienced Family Law Attorney, Holiday Russell can help guide you through the tough decisions that often accompany family law disputes.

Family law matters are often highly emotional and can be very difficult for all family members involved, especially children. For this reason, Florida Family Courts encourage the successful resolution of family law claims outside of the courtroom through processes of mediation and negotiation whenever possible. The Florida Supreme Court encourages parents to work together in resolving family issues, including those involving child custody and support, and facilitates this approach with the use of negotiated parenting plans and parenting coordinators who can mediate disputes. At Holiday Hunt Russell PLLC there are a large percent of family law disputes that can be resolved through negotiation and mediation when families have the assistance of a qualified family law attorney. Holiday Russell has provided successful mediation and negotiation advice to many clients over the years, and believes in encouraging this route to resolution before advancing to litigation.

Supporting You Through Difficult Family Law Issues

At Holiday Hunt Russell PLLC it is of the utmost importance to restore and maintain the well-being of your family. Although conflicts may arise in any family setting, Holiday Russell strives to deal with them in a compassionate and efficient manner, allowing you and your loved ones to move beyond the dispute and focus on healing. As a South Florida family law lawyer, Holiday has the experience and knowledge to assist you in all of your family law needs, and will advocate for your rights at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. If you have a family law question or concern, or face the prospect of a family law dispute, please contact Holiday at 954-920-5153 or online for a free initial consultation.

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